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Other publications

UKELA prepared and published a Concise Lexicon of Environmental Terms (1995), an indispensable guide to buzzwords and acronyms used in relation to environmental law, policy and practice. The authors are Prof Malcolm Grant and Richard Hawkins. Copies are available from Louise Holden of John Wiley & Sons Ltd, Baffins Lane, Chichester, West Sussex PO19 1UD.

Order the Concise Lexicon

The Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development and WWF UK in December 2010 published a report: "Taking the Longer View, UK Governance Options for a Finite Planet". The report was researched and written by UK lawyer, Peter Roderick, and includes ten recommendations on how we can better look after the needs of future generations. It emerged from a joint meeting held earlier in 2010 involving FDSD, UKELA and the Government Legal Service.

Ministry of Justice proposals for cost capping in environmental judicial review Aarhus cases, August 2012
Tackling Barriers to Environmental Justice
by Carol Day, WWF
Minutes of Waste WP 12th January 2011
Professor Macrory's report on Strengthening the new Environmental Tribunal, January 2011
by Professor Richard Macrory
"Taking the Longer View" report
by Peter Roderick
Appendices of "Taking the Longer View"
by Peter Roderick
Garner Lecture 2009 - Water and Law
by Philippe Sands QC
Waste Working Party meeting minutes 14th July 2010
by Gisele Ferreira de Araújo and Alexandre Betinardi Strapasson
RESA - main issues note - July 2009
by Litigation working party
2008 Garner Lecture: 'What do you tell your Client about Global Warming?’
by Richard Hawkins. The views expressed in this paper are entirely those of the author.
Wild Law International Research Report
by Begonia Filgueira and Ian Mason
Wild Law weekend workshop 2008
by Vicki Elcoate
Foundations for the Future
by Environmental Governance Review Panel
Planning Bill - letter to Secretary of State July 2008
by Planning and Sustainable Development Working Party
Ensuring access to environmental justice in England and Wales
by Working Group on access to environmental justice. This is not a UKELA document but a report of an independent panel
Briefing on the Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions Bill - November 2007
Carbon Asset management Presentation of Karen McClellan on the Carbon Market 10.1.07
by Karen McClellan, UKELA Climate Change Working Party
Talk by Chris Newton on environmental challenges facing Jersey April 2005
by Chris Newton, Director of Enviroment for the States of Jersey
Position paper on the costs of environmental litigation November 2004
by UKELA Environmental Litigation Working Party
2004 Paper calling for an independent regulatory body to be set up in Northern Ireland
2004 Garner Lecture - The challenge of the implementation of the environmental acquis communitaire in the new Member States
by George KREMLIS, Head of the Unit Legal Affairs and Governance, Directorate-General for the Environment, European Commission
Environmental Justice Report
by WWF / Environmental Law Foundation / Leigh Day and Co. The purpose of the Environmental Justice Project (EJP) is to review the operation of environmental law in England and Wales, to identify any inadequacies with regard to access to justice and make recommendations for change.
The Water Framework Directive: the future of water from the water industry perspectives?
by Dr Stephen Bolt, Environmental Standards Manager, Anglian Water
by UKELA Contaminated Land Working Party
Environmental Courts Seminar Papers
by one by Judge Bjallis and one by Judge Kremlis
Planning and Pollution Control – the problems for developers, objectors and decision makers
by Report on a meeting of UKELA West Midlands held on Monday 18 October 1999, Birmingham.
Civil sanctions FAQs
Guide to civil sanctions introduced in 2010 and FAQs
by Rosie Oliver
Planning Bill - letter to Baroness Andrews October 2008
by Planning and Sustainable Development Working Party
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