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The Office for Environmental Protection (OEP) is a new public body created in November 2021 under the Environment Act 2021. Its aim is to protect and improve the environment by holding government and other public authorities to account in England and Northern Ireland.

Environmental Standards Scotland (ESS) is a public sector body independent of Scottish Government, and accountable to the Scottish Parliament which aims to ensure environmental laws and standards are adhered to in Scotland, replacing the European Union’s scrutiny and enforcement role after Brexit. Its role is to scrutinise, investigate and secure improvements in public authorities’ compliance with environmental law, the effectiveness of environmental law, and the way it is being implemented and applied in Scotland.

The Interim Environmental Protection Assessor for Wales aims to secure environmental protection measures for Wales and to provide members of the public with a mechanism to raise submissions about the functioning of environmental law in Wales. The interim measures are non-statutory. Their role is to provide some support prior to the introduction of permanent statutory measures for Wales. They should provide oversight of the functioning of environmental law in Wales and consider systemic issues relating to the working or functioning of environmental law in Wales.