Climate Change and Energy


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The Climate Change and Energy Working Party (CCEWP) seeks to influence and improve laws aimed at tackling climate change and promoting renewable energy. Our key priority areas currently are:

  • The legal aspects of the implementation of the Climate Change Act 2008, particularly carbon budgets, the Climate Change Committee and the role of regulation in progressing towards targets
  • Low carbon energy investment support, under the Electricity Market Reform, Feed-in Tariffs, Renewables Obligation, Renewable Heat Incentive and other instruments
  • Energy efficiency policy, including the CRC energy efficiency scheme, particularly the regulatory and enforcement aspects and Climate Change Agreements
  • Corporate reporting on carbon - what does this mean for business?
  • Carbon capture and storage -watching brief

Given the broad scope of this area, our activities go beyond pure 'environment law' and into consideration of the policy behind the legislation (in particular, in relation to the carbon markets, emissions trading, energy security and broader energy market regulation). The input and assistance of specialists in other areas (e.g. financial services, tax) is also therefore welcomed.

Contact the convenors if you would like to join the group.






Becky Clissmann

MD, Chancery Lane Project

Stephen Hockman QC

Head of chambers at Six Pump Court.


Kat Kramer


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