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Gweithgor UKELA ar gyfer Cymru - Wales Working Party

Terms of Reference

The Wales Working Party has established a sub-committee with the following terms of reference:

  • To draw up an annual programme of events and seek the approval of the Wales Working Party
  • To support the organisation of agreed events
  • To accompany the Wales Convenors to key meetings, as necessary
  • To agree consultation responses
  • To act as UKELA’s spokesperson in Wales, as required
  • To agree articles/features for publication
  • To liaise with regional groups and working parties
  • To disseminate best practice

The members of the sub-committee are:

  • Dr Victoria Jenkins, Joint Convenor
  • Christian Jowett, Joint Convenor
  • Kate Howell
  • Ben Standing
  • Professor Lynda Warren
  • Wyn Jones
  • William Wilson

If you would like to join the Working Party, contact the convenors.

Recent Activities

Draft Environment Bill: suggested amendments in respect of the general purpose of Natural Resources Wales. Submitted to Members of the Welsh Assembly, 19 January 2016

Newsletter 2

Evidence paper to National Assembly on the Environment Bill

Evidence paper to National Assembly on the Historic Environment Bill

Oral Evidence on Well-being of Future Generations Bill to NAW Environment and Sustainability Committee at 3.04.45 hrs

Evidence to NAW on Well-being of Future Generations Bill

Meeting with Welsh Government on the Future Generations Bill


Round table discussion with Welsh Government on the Environment Bill

Submission to Welsh Affairs Committee on Fracking

Consultation Responses

Response to the Welsh Government Consultation on Environmental Principles and Governance in Wales Post European Union Exit

Response to the Law Commission’s Consultation on Planning Law in Wales (Law Comm No. 233) 2017

Taking forward Wales' management of sustainable natural resources: response to NAW consultation, September 2017
Environment Bill: response to Welsh Government consultation
Fly-tipping strategy: response to Welsh Government consultation

Joint Convenors

Christian Jowett

30 Park Place chambers and 36 Commercial, London



Dr Victoria Jenkins

Swansea University, HRC School of Law

01792 513 587
NOW BOOKING March9 Brownfield Summit 2021 - Ground Gas 12am
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