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Terms of reference

The Noise Working Party considers noise issues across the UK. Its remit includes:

  • reviewing the regulation of noise at local and central government levels;
  • implementation of the European Environmental Noise Directive (END);
  • ambient and neighbourhood noise;
  • the protection afforded to those who are affected by noise under the common law or other systems of law which are applicable in the UK;
  • compliance with noise legislation;
  • the enforcement of noise law.

The working party usually meets three times every year: in the spring term, at the UKELA annual conference in summer, and in the autumn term.

Anyone who is a member of UKELA can join. If you would like to get involved, contact the convenor Francis McManus.

Recent events

  • The group ran a Working Party session during the online annual conference on Friday 26th June 2020.  The recording will be available shortly. 
  • John Stewart of the UK Noise Association gave a short presentation on possible noise problems associated with certain forms of renewable energy on Monday 9th December 2019 in the Francis Taylor Building, Inner Temple, London.
  • A meeting was held on Thursday 2nd May 2019 at Francis Taylor Building, where the agenda included a general discussion on various technical issues, including; easements and noise; EIA Reports, with special reference to noise; NPPF and noise; the Agent of Change; new WHO European Guidelines.


Francis McManus

Professor Francis McManus is an Honorary Professor of Law at the University of Stirling.


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