UKELA's position


UKELA has been exploring what Brexit might mean for UK's environmental policies and laws for some time through events, papers and responses to inquiries and consultations. The Referendum result on 23 June 2016 to leave the EU raised considerable uncertainty about the future of environmental law. In that context, UKELA took and maintains the following position.

  1. UKELA considers it imperative that the UK’s current environmental legislation, policy and law is preserved pending proper review, full and open consultation on options for change and the involvement of Parliament as far as possible.
  2. UKELA considers preservation is critically important in order to ensure ongoing compliance with international law, regulatory stability and continued protection of the environment.
  3. UKELA considers that the level of environmental protection, and the ability of citizens to participate in environmental decision-making and to take action in the courts where necessary, must not be diminished by any future changes to domestic legislation.
  4. The development of a post-Brexit framework of environmental legislation presents a unique and critically important opportunity for the UK Government and devolved administrations to explore ways of improving and strengthening environmental regulation.
  5. UKELA will ensure that the UK Government, devolved administrations and regulators are aware of the immense body of legal expertise within the association that may be employed to assist with the next steps.


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