The UK is hosting the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties in Glasgow from 31 October to 12 November 2021. COP26 will bring delegates from around the world together to bring forward action towards the goals set in the Paris Agreement and UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Read more on the official website: HOME - UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) at the SEC – Glasgow 2021 (

Events & Activities

UKELA is marking this historic and important conference with a number of events and activities. Our Young UKELA team held a seminar on international environmental law, in partnership with Young ELF (Environmental Law Foundation) on 21 October. This webinar looked at the history of international environmental law, particularly in the context of both COP15 on biodiversity and COP26 on climate change. Our regional teams have also been busy arranging and presenting seminars looking at COP26 themes, so members have had plenty of information and updates. 

Podcast from Glasgow

Join Nina Pindham, our Vice Chair, as she interviews delegates at COP26 over the fortnight. Listen to her updates on our Podcast page.

Climate Emergency report

UKELA has also been involved in a collaborative student project, led by the Environmental Law Foundation, researching action taken at local authority level across the UK where declarations of climate emergency have been made. The report entitled 'Local Urgency on the Climate Emergency?' is now published. Read it below and take a look at the press release accompanying the report to find out more about its origins and authors.

Local Urgency on the Climate Emergency? - Report published by Environmental Law Foundation, October 2021


Legal and Governance Framework in the UK

UKELA has commissioned a series of short briefing notes which will look at how ready the legal and governance framework in the United Kingdom is to meet the challenge of climate change. We will hear from a wide range of sectors from agriculture to waste regulation. Check back regularly to see when new sectoral notes are added.  We are very grateful to all the authors of the notes.

Corporate Law

Ecclesiastical Law

Financial Services Regulation

Land Use Planning

Local Government Law

Nature Conservation

Waste Industry Regulation

Water Industry Regulation


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