Read our Strategic Plans from previous years and our Report and Accounts, as well as our Memorandum and Articles. Members can read AGM minutes in the members' only area. Find out more information about our organisation.

Policies and Procedures

Please see below for links to our policies and procedures. 

What We Do

Our Aims and Priorities

Membership and its benefits

Role and responsibilities of Council

Executive Committee

Chair and Vice Chairs

Data Protection Policy

Fraud Policy

Sponsor Relations Policy

Complaints Policy and Procedure


Records maintained and where to find them

UKELA maintains a number of records, all of which comply with current guidelines including GDPR and as recommended by the Charity Commission and Companies House.

They include:

· Companies House and Charity Commission records for UKELA and its trustees and directors

· Membership data maintained by the Senior Administrator

· Financial records maintained by the Treasurer

· Records of contracts with staff and other contractors and their performance management maintained by the Operations Director

UKELA also maintains a number of publications. Our main outlets are our websites, and Law & Your Environment, our public information website. We also publish a members' journal elaw, every 2 months. You can look at latest editions on our elaw pages. We run social media pages including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Follow us to keep up to date with our events and other activities.


We actively welcome volunteers to join us - there are lots of opportunities. Our trustee team are all volunteers from our membership, as are our Working Party, Regional Group and Devolved Administration convenors. We also have student volunteers in the shape of regional ambassadors and advisors to our Board of Trustees. If you have would like to volunteer or have an idea about a new voluntary position please do contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Strategic Plans




Annual Report & Accounts




UKELA's Memorandum & Articles


Report on the State of UK Environmental Law in 2011 - 2012

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For general information on environmental issues, visit our sister site Law and Your environment