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October 29
The Environmental Principles and Governance Bill - pros and cons Law Society, 113 Chancery Lane, London 9am for registration
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Our Aims and Priorities

Annual Report and Accounts

Our Annual Report and Accounts for the last 3 years are below. If you would like to look at previous reports and accounts, you can find them in our Reading Room

Annual Report and Accounts 2017

Annual Report and Accounts 2016

Annual Report and Accounts 2015

Strategic Priorities

Our Trustees have prepared and adopted a series of strategic plans to guide the work of the Association. These are used to develop an annual work programme, which is regularly monitored and reviewed. A report is then prepared and published each calendar year. The annual report is one of the key matters considered each year at the Annual General Meeting of the Association, held at the annual conference every summer.

Our latest Strategic Plan is below. If you would like to look at previous plans you can find them in our Reading Room

Strategic Plan 2016 to 2020

Strategic Aims 2016 - 2020

  • Membership: attract and retain a diverse and representative membership by delivering relevant, high quality events, information and membership benefits (simplified from current aim)
  • Interventions: make strategic, focused and influential interventions that promote dialogue and have identifiable impacts on UK environmental law (no change)
  • Devolution: ensure UKELA has a sufficiently resilient structure across the devolved administrations to engage in an increasingly divergent UK system of environmental law (simplified from current aim)
  • Public Information: provide information to the UK public to raise awareness of environmental law and its inherent rights and responsibilities (simplified from current aim)
  • International: Interact with international bodies to share knowledge, foster co-operation and enhance networking in key jurisdictions relevant to members’ working lives (no change)
  • Operations: conduct UKELA’s people, business and financial management in line with good practice in our sector (new aim)
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