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April, 27 2017

Welcome to UKELA’s Brexit Blog

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Posted by Joe Newbigin at 10:30
This new blog will comment on the impact of Brexit on environmental law, practice and enforcement in the UK.

We will be discussing the challenges of rolling-over the substance of EU environmental law and preserving current environmental legislation, across the UK and devolved administrations. We will also consider broader issues of legal and political accountability​, ranging from ongoing compliance with international environmental agreements to the post-Brexit architecture of standard setting.

​The Brexit Task Force will be publishing reports on these and other key issues over the coming months. In this blog we intend to summarise these research projects, our findings and our thoughts in a simple format, accessible to all.

UKELA adopted a neutral position prior to the referendum and has not advocated any particular exit model. Our analyses are politically impartial, reflecting the range of our members’ views and drawing on their professional expertise.

About this blog

Welcome to the UKELA Brexit Task Force blog where we consider the impact of Brexit on environmental law, practice and enforcement in the UK
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