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September, 05 2017

Brexit and Nature Conservation Factsheet

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Posted by Joe Newbigin at 12:18

UKELA’s Brexit Task Force and the Nature Conservation Working Party have today released their Brexit and Nature Conservation Factsheet.

GCNThe Nature Directives have received bad press in the UK for years, recently this has appeared alongside persistent rumours that Habitats laws will not be 'rolled over' after Brexit. The debate surrounding both the European Union’s Habitats and Birds Directives (and the domestic legislation which transposes these into domestic law) has unfortunately long been characterised by misinformation and misconceptions. This factsheet sets out to debunk some common myths about this area of law.

The factsheet answers the following common questions:

  • Does the Habitats Directive prevent development, such as important infrastructure projects because it might damage a protected site?
  • Does the European Commission block developments in the public interest?
  • If the UK weakened Habitats law after Brexit would this be good for business?
  • Outside the EU, would the UK would have the opportunity for taking a more innovative and less restrictive approach to protecting Habitats?
  • Does the EU want to remove the Habitats Directive?
  • Will the UK need to change its nature conservation rules anyway as we take back control over agriculture and fisheries?

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