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Other reports and articles on Brexit


Brexit unlikely to give UK free rein over green laws. Article by Richard Macrory in ENDS report 499, September 2016.

This short piece by Professor Richard Macrory of University College London considers how international law may limit the UK's freedom to develop environmental law after Brexit. Reproduced here with permission of ENDS Report, Haymarket Business Media.

Environmental Law Outside the EU. Article by Professor Colin Reid in The Journal of the Law Society of Scotland, 18 July 2016

This short article by Professor Colin Reid of Dundee University attempts to set out the continuing ground rules, and the new influences, under which environmental law will operate when the UK leaves the EU.

Articles on what Brexit means for particular environmental law topics

Uncertain times – nature conservation in the UK after ‘Brexit'. Article by Miles King with Ian Hepburn in British Wildlife, Vol 28 No 1 October 2016

For more information about this article, contact Ian Hepburn on ian.hepburn@clara.co.uk

Air quality law in the United Kingdom at a crossroads. Blog post by Eloise Scotford in the Oxford University Press blog, 3 October 2016.

Boyes, S.J., Elliott, M., Brexit: The marine governance horrendogram just got more horrendous!, Marine Pollution Bulletin (2016), http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.marpolbul.2016.08.020

Briefing papers

Brexit Q&A by Brodies LLP

This briefing paper prepared by Brodies LLP gives a clear and simple explanation of the process for a UK withdrawal from the EU, alternatives to EU membership, what Brexit might mean for issues such as trade and employment law, and impacts on different sectors such as renewable energy, farming and fisheries. It includes a particular focus on implications for Scotland, including Scottish legislation and tax.

Brexit Briefings: Expert advice on how to stay on top of the legal landscape. Thomson Reuters/The Lawyer, 25 July 2016

This mini-publication is geared towards lawyers. It was included in The Lawyer and features a series of briefings from experts on the challenges for different practice areas, following the referendum vote to leave the EU.

Brexit: Planning and the Environment outside the EU. Briefing paper by Cornerstone Chambers, July 2016.

This bulletin prepared by barristers at Cornerstone Chambers is geared towards lawyers. It maps out key legal issues and questions connected to the impact of Brexit on areas of planning and environmental law.

UK votes out: après nous, le déluge. Practical Law In-House Blog, 24 June 2016

This blog post from Practical Law is geared towards lawyers. It gives an overview of the shorter and longer term implications for different practice areas (including the environment) of the referendum vote to leave the EU.

Clifford Chance briefing note, April 2016: Brexit - What will happen to environmental and climate change law?


Meeting Carbon Budgets – Implications of Brexit for UK climate policy: Briefing note by the Committee on Climate Change, October 2016

This Briefing note by the Committee on Climate Change reports on the implications of leaving the EU for the UK’s emissions reduction efforts.

EU and UK Environmental Policy: report by the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee of 19 April 2016, with evidence including UKELA's written submissions

This Environmental Audit Committee report follows the Committee's inquiry into 'the extent to which EU environmental objectives and policies have succeeded in tackling environmental issues in the UK'. UKELA gave oral and written evidence to the inquiry, which is referred to in the report.

Brexit – the Implications for UK Environmental Policy and Regulation

This 24 page independent report was commissioned by the all-party parliamentary environment group.

The potential policy and environmental consequences for the UK of a departure from the EU: IEEP report, March 2016

This 100 page report prepared by the Institute for European Environmental Policy, gives a detailed analysis of possible options and consequences of a withdrawal.

This 157 page review has been prepared by fourteen academic experts. A short Executive Summary is also available via the link above. The work was funded by the ESRC.

Resources tracking EU environmental legislation

These documents by Practical Law track new and draft EU environmental legislation.

EU environmental legislation that is due to be implemented in the UK (as at 10 November 2016)

Draft EU environmental legislation (as at 10 November 2016)

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