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E-Law 2000-2007

Includes: Garner lecture report, articles on waste, waste water and smell (Hart), Waste Framework Directive (Marcus) and nuisance/negligence (Hyam).

Including: a substantial update on Environmental Impact Assessment (Maurici); a Report from the September 2007 Wild Law residential workshop; and an introduction to the Northern Ireland Working Party.

Including: a tribute to Lord Nathan, the Founder President of UKELA; an analysis of PS25 - development at risk of flooding (Zwart); and a report from the Membership Development Working Group.

Bath conference report, Better regulation and UKELA (Kellett and Jewell)

Including: Benefits of Green Office Design (Edwards)

Constitutional review; plans for 2007; report on the 2007 moot competitions

Andrew Lees winning article competition: To what extent are individual preferences or expert opinions suitable in guiding policy and damage assessment decisions relating to the environment? (Egerton), Update on Cornerhouse and Protective Cost Orders (Thornton), Carbon offset – changing the mindset (Collins), Laser beams – the law (Samuels)

The second UKELA Wild Law conference (Boyle, Filgueira, Elcoate), Center for Earth Jurisprudence (Siemen), The UK Strategy for Sustainable Development (Parkin)

Andrew Lees prize essay competition 2006 winner: “Public opinion is a fickle creature and the right to environmental information will only be exercised by a few”. Can access to environmental information be seen as an environmental protection tool? (Bundock), Warwick conference report

Environmental Law update (Tromans), Environmental Judicial Review (Tromans)

Circular Facilities (London) Ltd v Sevenoaks District Council: The Meaning of “Knowingly Permitted” Under the Contaminated Land Regime (Fogleman), Strategic Environmental Assessment – key conundrums and issues with some possible solutions (Winter and Clarke)

Wild Law conference (Boyle and Filgueira), Open Environment - provisions for public access to environmental information (Grekos), Right to know – is it working? (Elcoate)

Fadeyeva v Russia – Can a state be responsible in environmental cases from a failure to regulate private industry? (Grekos), Wild Law: a debate for outimes (Boyle)

Effective regulation needed to face environmental challenges (Edinburgh conference report)

First High Court Decision in UK Contaminated Land Regime Illustrates Difficulty in its Enforcement (Fogleman), Andrew Lees winning essay: If justice is equality, what does this mean in relation to environmental law, and how might equality be achieved in practice? (Parkhouse), The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 (Grekos), A new solution to an old problem: fixed price clean up and indemnification for contaminated sites (Sykes)

Justification of the continued development of the peaceful use of nuclear energy (Riley), Lesotho high land water project (Protimos)

Case note: Derbyshire Waste Ltd v. John Blewett (and the Secretary of State for EFRA – intervener), Asbestos – the risks and good practice (Sykes), Environmental Audit Committee – corporate environmental crime

Access to Environmental Justice – reforms on the way, Garner lecture 2004 – the challenge of the implementation of the environmental acquis communautaire in the new member states (Kremlis), case note: T Mobile (UK) Ltd & Others v First Secretary of State & Another [2004] EWHC 1713 (Admin)

Environmental protection through the public procurement regime in the European Union and the UK (O’Hara), Marine law planned to save oceans (Stokes)

Defining common principles on the environment (Grekos), Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations 2002: Regulation 4 – “Duty to Manage” (Grekos), The Environmental Justice Project (Castle), Directive 2004/35/CE of the European Parliament and of the Council on environmental liability with regard to the prevention and remedying of environmental damage (discussion paper)

Environmental fines – all small change (Grekos)

Environmental insurance is making its mark at last (Martin and Steward), Statutory nuisance, noise and windfarms (Tromans), Sustainable Development (Tromans), The value of following a moving target – the UK Government Sustainable Development Headline Indicators (Rice and Thompson)

Sustainable Development: “A Monument for Eternity” (Hawkins and Shaw), A Duty to find the least worst option? (Wolfe), The Planning and Compulsory Purchase Bill (Challis), Comments of the draft model procedures for the management of land contamination (Contaminated Land Working Party)

Hatton v UK (Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights, 8th July 2003) and Dennis v Ministry of Defence (Queens Bench, 16th April 2003) – balancing the demands of the general interest of the community and the requirements of the individual’s fundamental rights? (Grekos), Washington in dock over climate change as three states sue (Hatchwell)

Defining development consent in EIAs (Grekos), Draft nature conservation bill (Scotland), (Reid), EIA – is there a socio-economic dimension (Tromans), Draft European Convention and environmental protection (Lloyd)

Facing the future, listening to the past – an editor’s view (Bennett), Recent environmental law cases (Grekos)

Sentencing issues and difficulties (Harrison), Top 10 environmental cases of 2002 (Tripley), Costing the earth – environmental crime and sentencing (Upton)

Brownfield land: a time for change (Davies); Tenants’ liability for contaminated land (Coates), Environmental Information (Boyle), A time to move on: a hard look at ministerial responsibility (Hawkins), Damages and asbestos (Grekos)

Sheffield conference reflections (Bennett), Human Rights and the Environment – Hatton and Marcic continued (Grekos), Off-shore wind, inter- and trans-national legal aspects of consents, environmental assessment and sea-use accommodation (Plant)

Used Plutonium recycling case note (Grekos), compliance classification scheme proposed by the Environment Agency, Consenting for Offshore Renewables (Trinnick and Holmes), Comments on the draft planning technical advice (development on land affected by contamination), Human Rights and the environment – a comment on Hatton and Marcic (Grekos)

Hatton v UK – Human Rights and the Environment (Grekos), Case update Hatton II (Upton)

Regulatory and Liability Issues on the Deliberate Release of GMOs (Lawrence,Kennedy,Hattan)

The Foot and Mouth Crisis and its Environmental Implications (Tromans); Transferring Remediation Liabilities in Commercial Transactions (Fogleman); Waste Recycling vs. Waste Incineration (Castle); Casenote Alconbury 2001 UKHL 23 (Upton)

Their rights, your responsibilities: the implications of the Human Rights Act on Brownfield Development and Environmental Liability (Ellis); Defending environmental prosecutions and the case for a specialist court(Kimblin); Response to the EU Green Paper on Emissions Trading (Hobley); Freedom of Access to Information (Hattan) Casenote R-v-Rochdale MBC ex-parte Tew Round 2 (Atkinson);
Environmental Assessment (White)

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