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e-law newsletter archive

e-law is our members' newsletter. It is sent out to all members via email every 2 months. To receive e-law as it is produced you need to become a member. You can catch up with back issues below - they are added on here 6 months after publication. If you would like to submit an article, please send it by email to the editor, Hayley Tam, of Lexis Nexis at: elaw@ukela.org

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Each edition of e-law is themed. The themes and deadlines for 2019 are:

Jan/Feb edition – Environment Bill: The New Body, the Courts, and the Future of UK Environmental Law (deadline for articles 23 January)

March/Apr edition – Air quality - 13 March 2019

May/June edition – Waste - 15 May 2019

July/Aug edition – Wild law - 17 July 2019

Sept/Oct edition – Nature conservation and biodiversity - 11 September 2019

Nov/Dec edition – Natural capital and the environment - 13 November 2019

Theme: Human health, human rights and the environment.

Features: Sick of hearing about the environment: Why a change in narrative is required (Cooney); Building the case for a ‘Right to a Healthy Environment’(Gorhan); 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: what gift to bring?(Perrin-Tallatt); A critical analysis of extension of enforcement undertakings to the offence of causing or knowingly permitting water pollution (Thomas)

Theme: Water resources and marine management.

Features: Water abstraction licensing (Mills); Integration and fragmentation in environmental and water laws (Howarth); Ocean deoxygenation and agricultural nitrate pollution in water(Kingston); A book review of ‘Protecting Forest and Marine Biodiversity, The Role of Law’ (Fetwell)

Theme: Environmental law in post-Brexit Britain.

Features: Brexit - a view from Scotland (Reid); Annual Conference Reports (student members); The Future Relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union Government White Paper (a summary of the environment and energy aspects)

Theme: The mixed energy economy

Features: Re–Energising Northern Ireland? The Impact of Brexit on Ireland’s All-Island Energy Market (Muinzer); Fracking, nuclear, and renewables: Is the Scottish Government competent to pursue these policies? (Shapovalova); book review of “Shale Gas, the Environment and Energy Security by Ruthven Fleming” (Jones); the Andrew Lees winning essay: The right to a healthy environment is a fundamental human right (March)

Theme: Waste and the circular economy

Features: The current picture - are things improving? (Tainsh); Waste Law and the circular economy after Brexit -Seminar Summary (Harvey); Why do we need a new International Environmental Court (Hockman QC); Earth law (Orenstein)

Theme: The Role of Environmental Courts and Tribunals

Features: Modernising Environmental Justice: Regulation and the Role of an Environmental Tribunal (Macrory & Woods); The Environmental Tribunal and its future potential (Macrory); Does Wednesbury protect the environment? The need for an Environmental Court (Sir Crispin Agnew); Too expensive to win? Costs neutrality in tribunals (Rundle); A brief look at the Land and Environment Court of New South Wales: 37 years of experience (Tam); A new independent environmental body for England? Some reflections (Jones); Evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on the European Union: The impact of Brexit on the UK’s trade in waste (Stone)

Theme: Flooding

Features: Flood Insurance Update (Spencer & Packer); Compensation or Damages - An Avoidable Dilemma? (Morgan); An Alternative to Compulsory Purchase? (Dale-Harris); Sustainable Drainage Principles (Chong)

Theme: Brexit

Features: Brexit Task Force update (Newbigin); Brexit EU Withdrawal bill - environmental accountability & governance (Lee); Brexit - who's in charge here? (Reid); Planning - going back to first principles (Raynsford); Climate legislation in devleoping countries (Bird);

Theme: Sustainable Cities

Features: Client Earth litigation (Honey); the New Urban Agenda (Lui); Wild Law (Robertson);

Theme: Access to Justice
Features: Environmental claims (Lobo); Protective Expenses Orders in Scotland (McDade); Access to UK courts for claims in developing world (Copithorne); EU & Access to Justice (Berthier);

Theme: Energy/Climate Change

Features: Trump's climate & energy policies (Korwin); NI's renewable heat incentive (Muinzer); Solar energy's contribution to biodiversity (Feltwell); South Africa's first climate change case (Loser/Naidoo); Public Trust Doctrine's role in post-Brexit Britian (Shirley/Willers); battle for Eastbourne downland (Boyle);

Theme: Biodiversity

Features: EU nature laws (Taylor); Reversing decline of nature in UK (Stookes); Ash dieback crisis (Atkinson); enforcement of environmental law (Macrory); Meeting with Turkish officials (Crawford);

Theme: Housing and Planning

Features:Garner lecture (Castle OBE); Housing Growth & the Environment (Upton); Development & the Water Framework Directive (Waller); Planning Reform in Scotland (Symonds); NI protective costs orders (Christman);

Theme: Devolution

Features: Radioactivity of Fracking (Ghiassee); Mud, Birds & Poppycock (Goss-Custard); Northern Citizens Convention (Jones); Devolution & Environmental law in Scotland (Hendry); NI's developing response to climate change in the context of UK devolution (Muinzer); Welsh devolution & the protection of the Environment (Jenkins); Environmental Provisions of the Emerging Wales Bill (Graham Paul);

Theme: International Environmental Law
Features: Andrew Lees prize-winning Essay (Morgan); Climate Litigation around the world (Marjanac); Law, Evidence, Nature and Politics (Taylor); Alberta's First Nation resistance to the Tar Sands (Kobl); Radioactivity of Fracking (Ghiassee)

Theme: Wild Law

Features: Rights of Nature, why do we need them (Ito); Earth Jurisprudence and Rights of Nature Tribunals (Maloney); A Practical Test for Wild Law: Ecuador's Rights of Nature (Southwood); POCA Face, What to do when the chips are down (Jolliffe/Phillips/Streeten); UKELA in Sierra Leone (Honey)

Theme: Brexit
Features: UK/EU Environmental Relations, what happens after 23 June (Gravey/Jordan); Implications of Brexit for Waste Management (Waste WP); Implications of Brexit for Climate Change & Energy Law (Hockman QC/Haseldine/CCEWP); Implications of Brexit for Nature Conservation (NCWP); Environmental Justice in Scotland (Reid); The solicitor, the client and floods (Samuels);

Theme: Air Quality
Features: Brexit Conference report (Maleki-Dizaji); Clean Air in London (McCracken QC); Judicial Review (Crawford); Garner Lecture 2015 (Thornton)

Theme: Waste
Features: Waste Enforcement and Crime (Evers, Harvey); Waste Crime (Hadley); Navitus Bay Offshore Windfarm (Samuels); Nuclear Terrorism (Ghiassee); Food Waste (Davies)

Theme: Environmental Crime
Features: Civil Sanctions (Phillips/Jolliffe); Confiscation Orders (Jowett); Right to Silence (Riggs/Willetts); Fracking Safeguards (Davidson); Environment (Wales) Bill (Jenkins); Electricity Market Reform (Freemantle)

Theme: Judicial Review
Features: Judicial Review (Riggs); Environmental Court for Scotland (Reid); Severn Barrage (Samuels); Thames Estuary airport (Samuels); The Greenest Government Ever, Discuss (Henderson)

Theme: Planning & Sustainable Development
Features: Planning Law (Mynors); s106 contributions (Hawkins); New Towns/Village Greens (Samuels); Garden Cities (Lui)

Includes articles on: Nuisance and light sources (Tilling); Lawrence v Fen Tigers nuisance (Stout); Coventry v Lawrence nuisance (Stookes/Carr); Waste operators and letting (Samuels); Law on depositing waste (Moorhouse);

Includes articles on: Community Energy & tax relief support (Abrahams); Community Energy Initiatives (Collinson); Electricity Market Reform (PLC); Climate Action Portal (Figueres); EA Enforcement & Sanctions (PLC); Current Issues (Oliver); Wellbeing of Future Generations Bill (Barry); Garner lecture (transcript) from Lord Smith

Includes articles on: Common law liabilities for flood damage (Upton); Legal perspectives on Flooding - Water Management Act 2010 (Howarth); Flooding and Contaminated Land (Shiers/Treble); Manchester Ship Canal decision in the Supreme Court (Morgan); Sustainable law for sustainable development - Marine oil spills (Tomkins/Harrison)

Includes articles on: Privatisation of Biodiversity (Reid/Nsoh); What Future for Protected Areas (Jones); Solar Farms and Eco-Laws (Feltwell/Arthur); Smarter Environmental Regulation review update (Oliver);

Includes articles on: Climate Change and Refugee Status (Davies); Land Grabbing (Lowe); Wild Law (Boyle); Obstacles to Environmental Protection (Allen/Singh); Andrew Lees prize-winning essay (Allen); Inspiring CSR initiatives (Schneeberger)

Includes articles on: Circular Economy (Chambers/Middleton); Briefing on the new Planning Court (Elvin QC): Environmental Songs (Schneeberger OBE)

Includes articles on: Environmental Crime Northern Ireland (Blackwood, Davies, Evers); Sentencing Guidelines (Crawford); Environmental Reform in Scotland (Warner); Flood Loss and Insurance (Stallworthy)

Includes: articles on Pesticide Regulation (Hamlyn/Heister); Water Abstraction Reform consultation (Davey); Top 10 influential environmental works

Includes: summary of Environment (Wales) Bill White Paper (Davies); article on Criminal Liability for Sewage Escapes (Watson); article on Judicial Review reforms (Crawford);

Includes: articles on CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (Blackburn); Environmental Legislation (James/Evers); Lord Rees' speech to the 25th anniversary Annual Conference;

Includes: Wind Energy Case Law update (Honey); EU habitats update (Westaway); Environmental Offences Guideline update (Oliver); Dalgety Bay news (Bell); Sustainable Development Bill news (Barry); Andrew Lees prize winning essay (Ko)

International Approaches to Regulating Unconventional Oil and Gas Issue August 2013, ABA Ref. Vol 15, No.4. (Peter Murtha, Editor)

Includes: articles on Air Quality (Newbigin); Environmental Rights Commission (Christman)

Includes: Garner lecture transcript (Falkenberg); article on Seaport Revised

In association with: American Bar Association’s International Environmental and Resources Law Committee, Canadian Bar Association’s National Environmental, Energy and Resources Section, National Environmental Law Association, Australia

Includes: report on Garner lecture 2012; article on Climate Justice (Davies); Sustainable Development & Planning (Aldson/Upton)

Includes: article on Private Nuisance (Norris QC); Private Nuisance Actions (Burton); Group Actions for Private Nuisance (Thornton); EEL News Update

Includes: article on Permitting Regulations and their enforcement provisions (Wignall); conference report; events news

Includes: Conference report: Wind Farms (Wald); Legal Aid reforms (PLC);

Includes: Andrew Lees prize-winning essay (Coombs); NPPF (Aldson); EU round up; Human Rights (Yusuf)

Includes: Working Party star members; EEL update; transcript of 2011 Garner lecture by David Kennedy, Chief Executive of Committee on Climate Change

Includes: article on Putting Right the Causes of Offending - Mitigation or Aggravation (Badger/Elia)

Includes: article on NPPF (Upton); article on Access to Justice in England & Wales (Day); updates on Wild Law (Boyle)

Includes: articles on Town & Country Planning (EIA) regulations 2011 (Burton); Ecological Impact Assessments (Drayson); Windfarm Wars (Samuels); The Future is Nuclear (Crean QC); Environmental Information (Hart QC);

Includes: international law update; Andrew Lees prize winning essay (Newman plus runners up)

Includes: 2011 Election notice and notice of AGM; article on Energy (Kimblin); article on development (Samuels);

Includes: update on international environmental law (Pike); article on wildlife (Samuels); what to expect in 2011 (PLC environment team); notification of changes to Board of Trustees.

Includes: text of 2010 Garner lecture; article on EIA and the Habitats Directive (Cameron); article on Costs in Planning and Environmental Cases (Kolinsky/Turney); article on article 9 of Aarhus (Kimblin);

Includes: article on Marine and Coastal Access Act 2009: Marine Planning (Lyness); article on Judicial Review and the MMO (Maurici); article on updates on costs in Environmental Judicial Review (Osmund-Smith); article on developments in international environmental law (Pike); report on Wild Law weekend workshop (Walker);

Includes: article on Legal Issues in Assessing Wind Turbine Impacts (Tromans QC); article on Costs in Environmental Judicial Review - Significant Recent Developments on Aarhus (Kimblin); article on the new Environmental Tribunal by (Macrory QC);

Includes: article on the Case for an International Court for the Environment (Hockman); Climate Change case law update (Maurici); EIA & section 106 agreements (Ormondroyd); Comparitive analysis of the climate change & environmental policies in Brazil (Araujo, Strapasson, Ferraira); Decision makers' perspectives on the use of bioaccessibility for risk based regulation of contaminated land (Latawiec); news on student competition winners;

Includes: article on Insolvency Practioners and environmental law (Edwards); Andrew Lees prize essay (Cleaver); Wild Law weekend in Scotland report (Boyle)

Includes: article on Air Quality: Legal and Policy Issues (Lyness); article on Disclosure and Freedom of Information in High Court challenges (Maurici); update on international environmental law (Pike); article on Copenhagen accord (Pindham); article on Mount Roraima, the lost world (Livemore/Evans);

Includes: article on Is public liability insurance environmental insurance (Hart QC); Aarhus and private law cases relating to the environment (Hyam); EIA and habitats update (Turney): Climate Change: What chance a damages action in tort (Tromans QC, Burton and Edwards); Removing graffiti/planting trees (Holt); Wild Law spreads like wildfire (Rivers);

Includes: article on Aarhus and Northern Ireland (Maurici); article on Land Condition Registration Scheme (Eaton); article on Boggis and Natural England (Scott); report on Wild Law event (Waterston)

Includes: membership news; article on public liability insurance (Hart); article on Aarhus and private law cases relating to the environment (Hyam); international update

Includes: Conference report; introduction to new Council members; article on costs (Westaway); article on recent developments in environmental law (Pike); updates for students and academics

Includes: Law & your Environment launch; Lord Nathan Memorial Fund; Bursary Fund awards made; details of UKELA strategic plan 2009-2012; obituary for Lord Slynn; article on definition of waste (Willenbrock); student group launch

Fiftieth edition: Includes, student competition winners; article on Litigation and EUETS (Maurici); Renewable Energy proposals (Forsdick); International update (Pike)

Includes: article on flooding & private rights; report on Legal Forum held jointly with IEMA (Sykes); working party news

Includes: articles on RESA Act 2008 (Maurici/Turney), implementing EC environmental law after devolution (Reid/Ross); Student news - competitions, bursary scheme, careers evening report, appointment of student adviser to Council; jobs;

Includes: Garner Lecture 2008 report; Young UKELA launch; articles on High Court challenges, EIAs and protected habitats (Turney), Reasons for negative screening opinions (Maurici), Background to RESA 2008 (Pickles), Protective costs orders update (Kimblin),

Includes: article on developments in international environmental law (Pike); launch of Student Vocational Bursary Fund; report of Wild Law weekend September 2008; launch of Wild Law special interest group (Boyle); student competitions.

Includes: article on new Northern Ireland Environment Agency (Ryan); news, events, offers

Includes: Message from new Chair, Peter Kellett; Council election results; book reviews, news on Young UKELA group; articles on bonfires, garden grabbing, navigation and non-tidal rivers and waste (Samuels);

Includes: Farewell message from outgoing Chair; articles on different aspects of environmental law (Perry), Planning and Agriculture (Kimblin), Access to Justice (Hatton);

Includes: reports on regulatory reforms seminar and student mooting finals; e-law readers' questionnaire results; forthcoming events

Includes: winning article in student article competition (Merritt); forthcoming events; article on strengthening links between academia and UKELA (Sykes); report on launch of new UKELA website;

E-law issues 2000-2007

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