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International Wildlife Crime Seminar

Tuesday 7 May 2019 CMS, 78 Cannon St, London EC4N 6AF
4.15 pm (registration) - 7.00pm


Organised by Environmental Litigation Working Party

The UKELA Environmental Litigation Working Party is pleased to host an International Wildlife Crime seminar

The seminar will be chaired by Richard Kimblin QC of No.5 Chambers, and our confirmed speakers include:

1. Mary Rice, Chief Executive Officer of the Environmental Investigation Agency
Mary will talk about the work the organisation undertakes investigating wildlife crime in relation to ivory trafficking in Africa and Asia and in particular recent successes in infiltrating criminal poaching syndicates in Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

2. Guy Shorrock, Head of Investigations at the RSPB
Guy will talk about his work investigating the illegal killing of birds of prey within the UK and also the RSPB involvement with the Wildlife Crime Enforcers. The RSPB took over the running of the conference for Wildlife Crime Enforcers in 1991, handing over to PAW (Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime) in 1997. Since then the conference has grown, with 140 attending the 30th Wildlife Crime Enforcers’ Conference in 2018.

3 Ivan Lopez, chief Galapagos Guide.
Ivan was closely involved in the investigation and prosecution of Chinese operators of a fishing vessel, found to have taken 2000 tonnes of sharks in Ecuadorean waters within the Galapagos World Heritage Site. He will address the difficulties of arriving at an appropriate deterrent sentence for offences of this magnitude.

4. Angus Innes, Prosecutor with the Environment Agency and part of LIFE ENPE
Angus will be talking about his work with LIFE ENPE and in particular his involvement with the workshop for prosecutors and investigators on wildlife crime that took place in Valsaín, Segovia, Spain. The workshop was jointly organised by ENPE and the CMS (Convention of Migratory Species/Bonn Convention) Secretariat and brought together prosecutors and investigators responsible for the enforcement against environmental and wildlife crime from 17 countries mostly from the Mediterranean region, including North Africa and Middle East, as well as legal experts from ENPE. The goal was to provide guidance and build capacity for reinforcing the prosecution of illegal killing, taking and illegal trade of migratory birds.

We will finish with drinks and nibbles by 7pm. Please RSVP to Jill Crawford to register for the event. Due to security at CMS anyone who wishes to attend the event must register no later than 48 hours prior to the event please. There will be facilities available to attend via Business Skype but contact details will be needed in advance please.


CMS, 78 Cannon St, London EC4N 6AF

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