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Wyn Jones made an Honorary member of UKELA

Wyn Jones, a longstanding member of UKELA, has been made an Honorary Member. This is largely in recognition of his years of work as convenor of the Nature Conservation Working Party, during which he was instrumental in setting up both the Wildlife Law course and the Wildlife Law Bursary Award. Wyn continues to be an active member of both the Nature Conservation Working Party (of which he has been a member since it formed in 1989) and UKELA. He is pictured being presented with his award by Ned Westaway, UKELA Temporary Vice-Chair; thanks go to Richard Barlow of Browne Jacobson for both the photographs and the hospitality.

Wyn Jones' presentation Wyn Jones 2

Wildlife Law Course 2019

Through the auspices of the UK Environmental Law Association, members of the nature conservation working party have arranged an introductory course on wildlife law for a number of years. The course usually runs in November, kindly hosted by Browne Jacobson at their Nottingham office.

The course is designed for those whose jobs require them to understand the practical impact of the legislation surrounding wildlife. It concentrates on enabling participants to make the best use of the law on the ground and to avoid the pitfalls that accompany such a technical subject as the law.

Details of the next course will be posted here when available.

Wildlife law bursary

The wildlife law course arranged every November under the auspices of UKELA’s nature conservation working party makes a little profit due to the generosity of the tutors and Browne Jacobson solicitors. The working party decided that the profit be used to fund an annual bursary of £1,000 to support a post graduate research project addressing wildlife law.

Wildlife Law Bursary Award 2019

Applications are invited to be submitted to Wyn Jones, former convenor of the nature conservation working party, by Wednesday 25th September briefly setting out the proposed research project (suggest no more than a page of A4). The project must address a legal issue or issues affecting nature conservation in the UK or within the UK’s overseas territories.

Applications will be considered by the chair and convenors of the working party together with at least 2 of the wildlife law course tutors. The award will be made by the 25th October.

The successful candidate will produce a paper and be required to give a presentation on the project and the conclusions reached at a meeting of the nature conservation working party, either at the UKELA annual conference or in September 2020. The paper will be published in the UKELA journal elaw.

For further information please contact Wyn Jones, nature conservation working party, on mail@wynjones23.plus.com

Wildlife Law Bursary Award 2016

The recipient for 2016 was Joanna Miller Smallwood. Joanna completed a BSc Hons in Tropical Environmental Science and an LLM in Environmental Law at Aberdeen University. Her BSc dissertation was published. She worked at Friends of the Earth UK head offices in the parliamentary and in the legal department where she was involved in public interest cases including those concerning genetically modified organisms. Inspired by the work at Friends of the Earth she then went on to qualify as a lawyer (PGDL and LPS; The London College of Law). She completed her training contract and then practiced as a solicitor at Leigh, Day & Co. in London, with a particular interest in environmental law multi-party actions. She was involved in a group litigation against BP representing Columbian peasant farmers which was successfully resolved. Following some time out to look after her two children she returned to university in 2014 and completed an MSc in Social Research Methods at Sussex University. She is currently in the second year of an ESRC funded socio-legal PhD at Sussex University. The title of her PhD is: “The Convention on Biological Diversity’s objectives include conservation of biological diversity at a global level but has it become another victim of extinction as a result of its text and strategic plan?”

Terms of Reference

The scope of the Working Party is to consider issues for and affecting nature conservation. Input to landscape related issues may also be appropriate.

This Working Party’s terms of reference are to:

  • monitor and provide comments / observations on proposed legislation and policies;
  • monitor the implementation of existing legislation and policies;
  • seek to influence relevant legislation and policies as and when opportunities arise;
  • work with and support the devolved administrations working parties on issues for and affecting nature conservation / landscape;
  • work with and support other working parties as and when necessary; and
  • arrange a wildlife law training course for members and non-members annually.

Current priorities are:

  • the review of the EC wildlife directives (European Commission / UK Government);
  • the Environment (Wales) Bill;
  • the implications for the UK environment should the country exit from the EU;
  • the consideration of the implementation of European species protection measures under Article 12 Habitats Directive;
  • to seek better engagement with the devolved countries on the increasingly diverse nature conservation / landscape legislative frameworks.

The Working Party is led by two co-convenors, currently Pip Goodwin and Eunice Pinn. We also have a Chair, currently Richard Barlow of Browne Jacobson.

The Working Party meets four times a year. Two meetings are held in Nottingham, one in London and the fourth at the conference.

The Working Party has around 40 members working in different fields concerned with nature conservation. Participants include individuals from statutory agencies and non-governmental organisations, environmental and planning consultants, lawyers in private and public sector practice and academics. Only UKELA members are eligible to join the Working Party although guests are welcome at meetings.

If you would like to join the Working Party, please contact the Co-Convenors Pip Goodwin and Eunice Pinn.

Next Meeting

The next working party meeting will be at the annual conference on Saturday 29 June 2019. Details will be published in the conference programme.

Manual of Nature Conservation Law

Members of the group published in March 2008 the 2nd edition of A Manual of Nature Conservation Law, edited by Michael Fry. The book has been published by a specially set up publishing company, NCWG Ltd.

Consultation Responses

Document TitleComments
Defra's Smarter Environmental Guidance review: UKELA's comments on proposals for reforming development guidance, December 2014 
Biodiversity offsetting in England: response to Defra consultation, 5 November 2013 
Review of the Balance of Competences between the UK and the EU: UKELA's submissions concerning environment and climate change, August 2013 
Nature Conservation covenants: response to the Law Commission, June 2013 
Draft guidance on Habitats Directive article 6.4: response to Defra consultation, October 2012 
Wildlife Law: response to Law Commission consultation, November 2012 
Wildlife Crime: submission to the Environmental Audit Committee inquiry, March 2012 
Review of the Habitats Directive: response to Defra consultation, January 2012 
Biodiversity: response to Defra consultation, March 2011 
A Living Wales: response to Welsh Assembly Government consultation, January 2011 
Draft Circular on Biodiversity and Geodiversity: response to Defra consultation, May 2010 
The Nature of England: response to Defra consultation, October 2010 
The Environmental Impact Assessment (Agriculture) (England) Regulations: response to the Defra's consultation, November 2005Public consultation on new Environmental Impact Assessment (Agriculture) (England) Regulation.
PPS9 on Biodiversity and Geological Conservation: response to ODPM consultation, December 2004Response to Consultation Paper on PPS9: Biodiversity and Geological Conservation
Memorandum for the Enquiry into Town & Country Parks, April 1999For the inquiry into town and country parks by the environment sub-committee of the House of Commons Select Committee on the environment


Pip Goodwin

Pip Goodwin

Pip works part time at the RSPB, dividing her time between coordinating the MP Species Champions project and working with the Site Conservation Policy team. She is a trustee of Suffolk Wildlife Trust and carries out plant monitoring for the Breckland Flora Group. Her role with UKELA is in a personal capacity.

eunice resized

Eunice Pinn

Eunice works for the Sea Fish Industry Authority on environmental matters covering marine spatial planning, protected areas and species, and water quality issues affecting aquaculture production. She regularly undertakes volunteer monitoring of marine mammals on the Aberdeen-Shetland ferry route.

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