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Climate Change & Energy Working Party seminar: Climate Change update: 4 September 2018

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Climate Change and the Courts: 1 December 2015

Speakers' slides

Young UKELA The Basics, Environmental Permitting: 23 November 2015

Peter Kellett, Environment Agency

Richard Banwell, 6 Pump Court

Marcus Reynolds, Ramboll Environ

Brexit Seminar, Bristol: 18 November 2015

The Influence of EU environmental law on UK policies etc: David Baldock, IEEP

Plus ca change: the legal challenges. Professor Colin Reid, Dundee University

Continuing obligations: International and Trade Constraints on Regulatory Choices. Professor Robin Churchill, Dundee University

How things will happen: the road map. Peter Kellett, Environment Agency

Implications of withdrawal for the waste industry: Clare Deansely

London meeting on Nuclear New Build: 8 June 2015

Stephen Tromans QC

Jenny Kisalu, Horizon Nuclear Power

Vanessa Jakovich

Seminar on Wales Environment Bill: 27 May 2015

Annabel Paul

Russell De'ath

Andy Fraser

Implications of EU Withdrawal: 11 March 2015

Influence of EU environmental law on UK policies: David Baldock, IEEP - presentation

The Use of Article 50 TEU (provision for a member state to leave the EU): Jacqueline Minor

Brexit without tears? Alan Trench presentation

Implications of withdrawal for regulated businesses: Clare Deanesly

London meeting: Current Trends in Penalties for Environmental Crime: 14 January 2015

Mark Watson, 6 Pump Court - presentation

Richard Macrory, UCL - presentation

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