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October 16
SW regional group: Climate Change seminar plus AGM Burges Salmon, One Glass Wharf, Bristol 6pm (register from 5.30pm)
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Garner Lecture

2013 - Lord Carnwath

UKELA and PEBA President, Lord Carnwath, lectured to a packed house and 8 video-linked locations on this special occasion to mark the 25th anniversary of UKELA and the JEL on the theme of "The Common Laws of the Environment, at Home and Abroad".

Lord Carnwath's lecture

pdf version

2012 - Karl Falkenberg

The 2012 lecture was given by Karl Falkenberg, Director General of DG Environment at the EC on the subject of better EU regulation for a greener environment and sustainable economic activity in Europe.

Karl Falkenberg's lecture (page 8)

2011 - David Kennedy

The 2011 Garner lecture was given by David Kennedy, the CEO of the Committee on Climate Change on the subject of The Carbon Challenge.

David Kennedy's lecture (page 7)

2010 - Sir Konrad Schiemann

The 2010 Garner Lecture was given by Sir Konrad Schiemann on the subject of The influence of European Union Law on Access to Justice in Environmental Cases.

Sir Konrad Schiemann's lecture

2009 - Philippe Sands QC

The 2009 lecture was given by Professor Philippe Sands QC on the subject of Water and Law

Philippe Sands QC's lecture


18 November 2008
Richard Hawkins - What do you tell your Client about Global Warming? Can there ever be common ground between the views of Climate Contrarians, Deniers & Sceptics, and Warmists, Alarmists & Catastrophists?

21 November 2007
M C Mehta - Public Interest Litigation and the Role of the Indian Supreme Court in the Protection of the Environment

13 December 2006
Professor Malcolm Forster - The Fourth Age of Environmental Law – the End of the Beginning or the Beginning of the End?

8 December 2005
Sir Crispin Tickell - Environment on the Edge

7 October 2004
George Kremlis - The Challenge of the Implementation of the Environmental Acquis Communautaire in the new Member States

27 May 2003
Dr Klaus Topfer - Let there be Light: Government in the Sunshine, Human Rights and Environmental Justice

31 January 2002
Jonathan Porritt - Sustainable Development - The Challenge of Good Governance

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