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Wild Law Seminar

Sep 25, 2005

Former Environment Minister Michael Meacher MP is to lead a debate on the challenging idea of “Wild Law – how can we regulate our relationship with the planet?”.

The UK Environmental Law Association is promoting discussion on this issue, which is being investigated by a growing network of people concerned about how we can change our thinking and behaviour to create a viable way forward for future generations. Michael Meacher says: “We urgently need to rethink our legal and political systems if we are to stop environmental destruction”.

Many of the treaties, laws and policies adopted in recent years have failed to slow down, halt or reverse the harm we are causing Earth.

Wild Law proponents argue that a critical shift is needed to admit that Earth is a living system governed by its own laws and that all living beings have rights. They say the survival of life on earth requires us to change radically our understanding of the purpose of law and governance.

The conference will be held at the University of Brighton, Cockcroft Building, Lewes Road, Brighton, on Friday November 18th starting at 1.30pm. Speakers include Professor Jacqueline McGlade, head of the European Environment Agency; Professor Lynda Warren of the Environment Agency and Professor Robert Lee, an environmental lawyer from Cardiff University.

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