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Helping You Protect Your Environment - launch

May 26, 2009

Environmental problems can be some of the most stressful things that individuals and communities have to deal with.

Faced with noisy neighbours, looming leylandii or the mess left by
fly-tipping, people often lack access to clear and accurate information
about who is responsible and what they can do about it.

Now help is at hand in the shape of a major new website, "The Law and Your
Environment", being launched in London on June 1st. It provides an
unrivalled one-stop shop for anyone who needs a clear and simple guide to
issues ranging from planning applications, and pollution incidents through
to tackling climate change. It provides details of peoples' rights and
responsibilities along with signposts to organisations to go to for further
information and advice.

Local communities and individuals often feel powerless when faced with
damage to their local environment because they don’t know what to do about
it or who to turn to. “The Law and Your Environment” will help communities
to work effectively to improve the environment for all.

The website was the product of a unique collaboration between the UK
Environmental Law Association (UKELA) and the BRASS Research Centre at
Cardiff University. Peter Kellett, the Chair of UKELA said:

"We want to help people know more about their environmental rights and
responsibilities so they can help themselves to a better environment.
Challenging local developments and solving problems that affect communities
is hard enough, but without access to basic information about the law, we
know it becomes impossible".

Notes to the editors:

1. UKELA is the UK forum which aims to make the law work for a better environment and to improve understanding and awareness of environmental law. UKELA's members are involved in the practice, study or formulation of Environmental Law in the UK and the European Union. It attracts
both lawyers and non lawyers and has a broad membership.

2. The site has been developed for UKELA by the Centre for
Business Relationships, Accountability, Sustainability and Society (BRASS) at Cardiff University.

3. Law & Your Environment is being launched in London on June 1st at 3.30pm. Any members of the press who wish to attend the launch are very welcome. Please reply to Vicki.elcoate@ntlworld.com.

4. The site will be available at www.environmentlaw.org.uk from June 1st.

5. At present most of the legal information on the websiterelates to England and
Wales. The aim is to raise funding to add the rest of the UK as soon as

UK Environmental Law Association - Better law for the environment
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Registered office: One Glass Wharf, Bristol, BS2 0ZX

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