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25 Years of Environmental Law – a clear threat emerges

Jul 04, 2013

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Linda Farrow

Law to protect and regulate the environment and human impacts on it is relatively new and a major conference in Cambridge next week (July 12-14) explores the key issues for its future, as it faces a clear threat from economic pressures.

The UK Environmental Law Association (UKELA) is celebrating its 25th anniversary and lawyers, environmental consultants and scientists, academics and regulators will be asking:

· Where environmental law is going?

· How does it relate to energy law and the government’s goals for economic growth?

· What are the burning issues for environmental law today?

Speakers from the USA, Europe and the UK will address issues including environmental justice and costs, the role of the EU in influencing UK law, climate change regulation and litigation and how devolution will change the way the environment is protected and regulated across the UK.

The opening address, by leading environmental lawyer and thinker, Professor Ludwig Kramer will ask if EU Environmental Law and Policy over the last 25 years has been good or bad for the UK?

The Chair of UKELA, Mark Brumwell, will say:

“The financial crisis has been so all-consuming and the subject of such constant and dramatic media attention, that the focus of many influential people seems to have slipped away from tackling the long-term environmental threats to our planet. Yet those threats have not gone away.

It is essential that we all play our part in making sure that precious time and resources are spent on tackling environmental issues effectively. There is a clear threat that ineffective and counter-productive law and practice will be allowed to develop, under the guise of saving money or removing impediments to economic development.

With the environment, there is an ultimate limit and that is why it is so important that the law plays its part is making sure that our limited environmental resources are used as wisely as possible. Once those resources have gone, they are gone for good and no amount of money will replace them”.

Members of the press are welcome to attend the plenary sessions of the conference which is at Cambridge University from July 12-14th.

Thanks to the main conference sponsors: 39 Essex Street; Landmark Chambers; Exponent

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