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UKELA's work on Brexit

Consultation and Inquiry Responses

UKELA has recently lodged written submissions to inquiries by two House of Commons Committees:

Leaving the EU: implications for climate policy - written submissions to the House of Commons Energy and Climate Change Committee inquiry, August 2016

The future of the natural environment in the light of the EU referendum - written submissions to the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee inquiry, September 2016

During winter 2015/16, UKELA gave written and oral evidence to the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee's inquiry into 'the extent to which EU environmental objectives and policies have succeeded in tackling environmental issues in the UK'. Our view is that EU environmental policy and legislation has, on balance, had a significant and very positive influence on the environment in the UK, with related economic benefits.

EU and UK Environmental Policy: report by the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee of 19 April 2016, with evidence including UKELA's written submissions

UKELA's response to the Government's 'Balance of Competences' review considered the impact that the EU has had on the UK's laws and policies, and the pros and cons of keeping things the way that they are.

UKELA's response to the Government's Balance of Competences Review in August 2013


UKELA's specialist working parties have been taking a closer look at the possible implications of withdrawing for different areas of environmental law. The papers that follow set out their findings and conclusions.

Implications for Climate Change and Energy Law: paper by Stephen Hockman QC and Benjamin Haseldine, of UKELA's Climate Change and Energy Working Party

Implications for Nature Conservation: paper by UKELA's Nature Conservation Working Party

Implications for Waste Management: paper by UKELA's Waste Working Party


UKELA has held a number of events exploring what a decision to withdraw might mean for our environmental laws and policies. These seminars and conferences have featured policy experts, lawyers, academics, regulators and a representative of the Commission.

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