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Working parties

Our Working Parties cover a range of areas of environmental law, policy and practice. They meet regularly to discuss topical issues, recent developments and proposals for reform. They prepare responses to consultations and proactively engage with government and regulators over issues of particular importance for our members.

Any of our members are very welcome to join a Working Party. Just contact the Convenor of the Working Party you are interested in joining. You can find their contact details on the relevant Working Party page. We look forward to seeing you!

Working Party Star Member

The award of star member is made to anyone who makes an outstanding contribution to a Working Party. The current star member is Tom Bainbridge. Read more about Tom below.

Tom Bainbridge

Tom Bainbridge is Partner and Founder of Lux Nova Partners. He has been awarded Star Member for his huge contribution to the Climate Change and Energy Working Party. His hard work and drive to have climate change and energy issues put on the ‘UKELA map’ resulted in the creation of the working party which he has successfully convened for nine years. Under his leadership, the group has commented on a number of key consultations, given evidence at Parliamentary Select Committees and held a number of training events for members.

Climate Change and Energy

Environmental Litigation

Land Contamination

Nature Conservation


Planning and Sustainable Development

Transactional Issues and Insurance



Northern Ireland

Scottish Law

Gweithgor UKELA ar gyfer Cymru - Wales Working Party

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