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UKELA in Wales

UKELA's work in Wales is co-ordinated as a single combined Working Party and Regional Group. The group aims to influence legislation and organise events for members. Its terms of reference are:

· To influence the development of Welsh environmental law by responding to key consultation papers, with the object of becoming a preferred consultee in Wales.

· To disseminate knowledge and opinion by discussing developments in environmental law in Wales, as well as UK, EU and international laws as they apply to Wales.

· To promote education in both environmental law and policy so as to improve understanding and awareness of environmental law.

· To promote the overall aims of UKELA by seeking to influence the development and quality of environmental law and governance in Wales so as to make the law work for a better environment

· To liaise as appropriate with other working parties and regional groups in UKELA.

past Events

EIA seminar in June 2019 explored some of the issues that arose in the implementation of the EIA Directive, especially as they related to the devolved context in Wales.

Welsh Government's Consultation on Environmental Principles and Governance - seminar held May 2019. The event was held to ensure that our response fully reflected the views of our wider membership.

Prior to that we held a seminar on Environmental Law & Governance in Wales after Brexit in October 2019. Our speakers included:

    William Wilson - a barrister and director of Wyeside Consulting Ltd, and a specialist environmental, regulatory and nuclear lawyer with over 25 years experience in government, private practice and consulting.

    Llinos Price - a policy and public affairs professional with 19 years of experience, predominantly in the statutory environment sector, and in the private and voluntary sectors.

    Victoria Jenkins - an Associate Professor in the Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law where she has worked since 1999. Her research interests lie in environmental law, specifically legal approaches to sustainable development and the way in which land use planning, landscape and nature conservation laws seek to protect natural resources.

UKELA Wales Working Party Award Student Prizes for 2019!

We are pleased to announce that the prize for the best presentation at this year's Student Environmental Law Conference goes to Karen Kisayake, final year student at Bristol UWE, for her presentation entitled ‘Globalisation, Trade and Natural Resources Law’. This conference is held annually between the universities of Cardiff, Bristol UWE and Swansea.
We are also pleased to announce that this year's recipient of the environmental law prize at the Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law is awarded Charlotte Hassall who will graduate in July 2019.

Both students will receive one years free Student Membership to UKELA. Well done both!

Wales Working Party

For more information about the Wales Working Party follow the link

>Wales Working Party


Dr Victoria Jenkins of the Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law, Swansea University and Christian Jowett of 30 Park Place Chambers are the joint convenors of the Welsh organising committee. Caer Smyth, acts as the Secretary for the group.

The following people are currently committee members:

  • Kate Howell
  • Laura-Jane Greenman
  • Llinos Price
  • Ben Standing
  • Professor Lynda Warren
  • Wyn Jones
  • William Wilson
  • Nic Whitsun
  • Tim Edds
  • Tom Stephens

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