Publications on post-Brexit and environmental law

Our Governance and Devolution Group (GDG) co-ordinate and lead UKELA’s work on environmental governance and devolution issues within a new, post-EU, environmental law and policy framework. Publications and briefing paper commissioned by GDG are listed here. 


UKEKA briefing paper on the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Act 2023 (November 2023)

UKELA's Governance and Devolution Group has prepared a new briefing giving an overview of the 2023 Act and making recommendations for the review and reform of environmental law under the Act. The Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Act 2023 enacted in June 2023 will be critical for UK environmental law in the coming months and years. It provides for the revocation of 587 retained EU laws at the end of 2023. Ministers also have powers under the Act to restate, reproduce, replace or revoke retained EU law, which will be known as ‘assimilated law’ from 2024. Further, the Act changes the way the courts may depart from retained EU case law.  This UKELA briefing paper offers an overview of the Act and its implications for environmental law across the UK, with recommendations for the review and reform of environmental law. Read briefing paper


 UKELA briefing paper on Environment & Trade (March 2023)

The UK Government has committed to improving environmental protection post-Brexit. This briefing paper looks at the legal arrangements supporting this commitment and how far they safeguard against lowering levels of environmental protection. The focus is on the new UK-EU relationship, domestic arrangements for trade and environment, and three of the UK’s new trade agreements – those with Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Recommendations are made for strengthening the coherence between trade and environment post-Brexit. Read briefing paper


Past papers on Brexit and environmental law

UKELA established a Brexit Task Force in September 2016 to advise on matters related to the UK's withdrawal from the European Union. UKELA produced a series of reports and factsheets relating to Brexit and environmental law. Read them on our dedicated Brexit pages


Publications on legal and governance framework in the UK

 In 2021 UKELA commissioned a series of short briefing notes looking at how ready the legal and governance framework in the United Kingdom was to meet the challenge of climate change. A wide range of sectors from agriculture to waste regulation are represented. We are very grateful to all the authors of the notes, which you can read below.


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Corporate Law

Ecclesiastical Law

Financial Services Regulation

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Local Government Law

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